A message from JP

Dearest, sweet FOBBS,

Well it’s time to dust off my BB monogrammed smoking jacket, call my pilot to organize the private jet, and head back to the place where it all began….Perth.

Of course when I say “where it all began”, I’m not talking about the origins of the human species, but of the inception of a humble, back yard project, called Basement Birds.
It was pretty much a year to the day that we were finishing off the record in Kavs backyard, and making plans to hit the road, and now we’re at the end of that very same road. One last show in “my home town away from home towns”, at the hub of art and culture in WA, the ARTBAR.

It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster, playing through the songs, looking into the eyes of my fellow BB’s and letting our voices mingle in the sweet harmonies that have forged a bond that perhaps only ABBA and the Bee Gees’ could truly understand.

A lot has changed since the last time we all met.

Steve was swindled out of thousands in a strange event involving Chat Roulette, a spontaneous online flight booking to LA, a professional karaoke competition that led to a lawsuit, and, inexplicably, a movie deal. More details to follow.

Kav trekked through Nepal, but became seriously ill after consuming what looked like dehydrated Shitake mushrooms, (Kav is ever the gourmet.) A celebrity doctor was flown in, who reported to the paparazzi that Kav had succumbed to altitude sickness, and indeed, witnesses did report hearing him cry out “I’m too high, I’m too high, Oh God, I’m so terribly high”.

The music press are not the only ones to have noted a suspiciously young looking Kevin Mitchell fronting the rock band Jebediah. People have hinted at plastic surgery, Botox, or even more outrageously, clean living. But in actuality, Kevin finally unleashed the clone he’d made of himself 15 years ago, to take on the front man’s duties in Jebediah. Now he can finally split his time more appropriately between Jebs, Bob and BB, and his new collaboration with Darren Hayes, titled “Savage Kevin.”

I on the other hand, have spent the last few months writing and recording my 3rd album. Sorry I didn’t return your messages Kev, there’s no reception in the studio. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Thanks for all your support FOBBS, we really do appreciate you guys making it an amazing ride!