Over and Out from Steve

G’day old mates FOBBS

Steve Parkin here, the “talented one”.
Yep, so we’ve all heard about my weekend in LA. Lets just get the story straight here.
Kevin Mitchell lured me into the sordid world of Chat Roulette. (He gets lonely after 2am) I moved to LA when offered a major part in the new Green Lantern movie (sadly I didn’t make the final cut)
After hooking up with the Hoff and Charlie Sheen (true gentlemen, may I add) the entertainment press decided to cover our 3 week-weekend together in what can only be described as a “stitch up”. In reality, we merely entertained some delightful cabaret workers from Las Vegas with our witty repartee and keen canasta skills,
while simultaneously devoting our time to World Peace and learning how to make the perfect paella!
As far as Kav’s “Nepalese Mis-Adventure”, I’m sure all will be revealed in the rather candid lyrics he has written for the next Eskimo Joe album, entitled “Mountaintops and Fungi”. Kev has decided to re-invent grunge again as a very bankable artform, and is currently seeing Courtney Love, if you believe the dailies. His clone-like appearance had led to some “Paul is dead” style rumours, all of which are true.
Mr Josh Pyke PHD, although his modesty would forbid him to tell you, is doing great work as the UN’s international ambassador for “really clever lyrics” and World Peace. All proceeds from the sale of his new album (disco-polka! wish I’d though of that!) are being donated to the Maritime Veterans Association. Good on him!
I’d like to thank all the Basement Bird fans out there for supporting us, voting for us in the Hottest 100 (I think we came 1734 with Bus Stop – and that was only because of Julia) buying our lavishly packaged album, and embracing me warmly, even though I was the not-famous one. Luckily, Hoffmeister and the Sheenius have fixed that problem for me once and for all!
And to quote the only Bond worth shit: “…never say never, Miss Moneypenny”. Love you all, and while you’re buying the new Jebediah, Eskimo Joe and Josh Pyke albums, give “li’l” Stevie Parkin’s new record Mighty Big Light a listen too!