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Some awesome Basement news from Basement Steve!


Hi everybody!

Basement Steve here with some truly cool Basement news.

Firstly, I hope this blog finds you all well, happy and missing your old mates The Birds. We miss you too.
Lots has been happening for each of the "solo" Birds of late.

Basement Josh has just finished recording his new record and we're all excited to finally hear it.
We're sure its going to be as awesome as his other ones - stay tuned!

Basement Kav's little band Eskimo Joe recently unveiled their brand new song "When We Were Kids" on Triple J. I'm sure you'll agree its a cracker of a tune. We want ALL you Basement Birders out there to request it and pay a measly chunk of change to buy it on iTunes!!

As for Basement Kev, he's going gangbusters with HIS little band Jebediah. I'm sure you, like me, already have a copy of their excellent Kosciusko album, which is dominating the airwaves as we speak.

As for me, "lil Basement Stevie", my album Mighty Big Light is also in stores and on iTunes, and could use a few of you requesting track "Sun Stealer" on your favourite radio station!! Steve Parkin needs your "like" clicking fingers!!

Now......drum roll please Mal..............

It seems our little tune "Bus Stop" has won FIRST PRIZE in the AAA category of the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION!! We are all stoked with this news, especially as Josh and Kev wrote it in Kav's backyard, in an inebriated state, at about 11pm, and it took about 10 minutes for them to write!!

We also have to thank the lovely Julia Stone for lending her sweet, sweet voice to the tune, and I'm sure that helped sway some of the judges, who this year included Tom Waits, Kings of Leon and Peter Gabriel!!!!

"Waiting For You" also received an honourable mention in the folk category too! Anyhoo, the four of us wanted to share this great news with you all!
Basement Birds may be gone, but our awesome legacy continues....

Now, its time for us to fight over who gets all the prizes!!!
NO KAV! That's MY microphone! KEV! Let Josh out of that headlock! There's enough guitar strings for all of us! KEV!!!!
Basement Steve

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